Facts about 4C Commercial Mailboxes Mounting Locations

by Mailbox Guru on July 6, 2011

Condominium and apartment building dwellers, office workers, and the likes can attest to the importance of having conveniently located 4C commercial mailboxes in their respective locations.

Builders or developers often overlook the significance of mounting these mailboxes in the best possible location, which could have meant more benefits in terms of tenant retention and satisfaction.

Fortunate are the newer developments that have already realized the fact that apart from the basic necessities of these building projects, the location of  4C mailboxes is extremely important.  Architects nowadays incorporate this in their lay-outs and plans.

The notion behind the installation of all USPS-approved 4C commercial mailboxes in a “strategic location” is simple.  The location in which they are to be placed should serve as a common area, similar to that of a lobby or foyer, where residents and workers may convene, thus developing friendships and  camaraderie.  It is based on the idea that people who have built friendships in their community or workplace tend to remain in there longer.

The space where 4C commercial mailboxes are housed provide an excellent everyday venue for these opportune personal meetings and connections, paving the way to initiate conversations and develop lasting friendships!  Did you know that there are even some condo/apartment supervisors that went out of their way and transformed the mail area into one cozy and friendly space as well?  They’ve put in free stuff such as coffee, computer kiosks, desks, and office supplies where you can spend longer time reading your mail and meeting other people in the process.

Recessed wall-mounted 4C mailboxes are perfect in order to maximize floor space in these building locations.  Mail can be accessed by the carrier with the use of a postal key that opens the front of the mailbox for trouble-free and convenient loading.

Rear-loading 4C mailboxes, on the other hand, are ideal for lobby spaces that have separate secured rooms.  This way, the carrier may load each mailbox from the back, ensuring faster delivery.  Tenants can also just conveniently access their mail from the front even while the carrier is still loading mail from the opposite end.

Multiple commercial mailboxes may also be easily installed in one rough wall opening with the use of a special connector kit.  No need for wall mounting studs and separation of custom 4C mailboxes when you have this unique multi-unit kit!

Postal rules and regulations must be carefully observed at all times.  At least one mailbox compartment of the custom 4C must be placed less than 4 feet from the finished flooring.  Moreover, no lock must be located more than 5 feet 7 inches from the floor.

Furthermore, low mounting of the 4C mailbox must follow that its interior bottom compartment shelf is placed lower than 2 feet 4 inches from the finished flooring.  While the interior bottom shelf of a parcel locker compartment must at least be 1 foot 3 inches from the floor.  The USPS arrow lock for the carrier must also be mounted between the 3 feet to 4 feet above the floor.

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