4C Commercial Mailboxes: Creating Multiple Centralized Locations

by Mailbox Guru on July 8, 2011

Creating multiple centralized locations or communities of 4C mailboxes in large residential apartments or office buildings is now a major industry trend.  The need arises from having to increase tenant approval, efficiency and retention.

For instance, positioning centralized 4C horizontal mailboxes in areas between parking spaces and tenants’ units is an effective strategy that increases tenant convenience and satisfaction.

Significantly, security is heightened as the areas where centralized commercial mailboxes are located are basically well-lit and visited by many people frequently, thus, driving away vandals or thieves from causing harm and damage to these 4C units.  Moreover, mail theft is avoided as the ease of access allows the tenant to pick up his/her mail on a regular basis.

Some architects lay-out the construction of outdoor walls to mount the 4C mailboxes outdoors.  However, the more versatile 4C mailbox suites provide a better solution.  Each mailbox suite shelter kit is fully customizable and provides a roof shelter, which is accessible from any side of the unit, thereby protecting the 4C mailboxes from various elements while protecting the tenants as they drop-off or get their mail.  This functional and beautiful design is the preferred system for centralized mail delivery by the USPS.

The Vario mailbox shelters are sturdy enough to withstand strong 90 mph winds while the extra strength models withstand 150 mph hurricane level winds.

These versatile 4C mailbox suites are ready-to-use and all materials needed for installation are provided, except those for siding and roofing.  4C mailboxes are sold separately.  The owner may also request the use of siding and roofing materials to complement the building’s design, if deemed necessary.

If a mail shelter is not required, Vario Express is available.  This product line allows for the mounting of 4C mailboxes to posts in various configurations.

LED lighting options are likewise available for improved security and enhanced safety for tenants.  The LED lights make use of motion sensors for their activation.  The sensors detect body heat ensuring that the lights are used only when tenants are around, thereby saving on energy costs.

Lighting strips can be wired into the shelter’s A/C power or an optional solar kit can be used to efficiently boost the lighting kit without need of running A/C power to the suites’ shelters.

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