Vertical Mailboxes for Buildings and Apartments

by Commercial Mailbox Expert on August 2, 2011

Property managers and building owners attest to the importance of having USPS-approved vertical mailboxes in their condominiums, office buildings, apartments and similar locations.  These vertical commercial mailboxes are built for retrofit and replacement installations.  They are constructed entirely of heavy-duty aluminum and finished in beautiful contemporary colors like brass, sandstone, bronze, green and aluminum.

Vertical locking mailboxes are secured and come in various mounting options.  These mailboxes help prevent crimes arising from mail such as identity theft and extortion.

Surface Mounted

If you prefer mounting your vertical mailbox on a flat surface like a wall, surface mounted vertical mailbox units are what you need.  These units are ideal for limited wall depths.   They are available in 3-door to 7-door models with USPS access.

Recessed Mounted

If you prefer a flush mounted installation, recessed mounted vertical mailbox units are ideal.  Like surface mounted units, they are likewise available in 3-door to 7-door models with USPS access.

Customization options such as labels and numbers are available for all vertical mailboxes.  Make your building, condominium or apartment USPS mail delivery-friendly with vertical mailboxes.


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