Cluster Box Units for Residential and Commercial Buildings

by Commercial Mailbox Expert on August 3, 2011

Residential and commercial tenants know that cluster box units or simply CBUs are mail delivery essentials. These CBUs are built according to USPS specifications and designed to meet or even exceed its standards.  Mail delivery becomes faster, easier and more accessible with the use of CBUs.

Standard CBUs

Standard cluster box units come with pedestals and feature front access via easy opening master door panels.  An even more convenient way of receiving packages on-site is with the use of outdoor parcel lockers (OPLs).  Matching powder-coated finishes are widely available.  Choose from elegantly timeless finishes like sandstone, black, white, bronze, gray and green.

Standard CBUs provide you with a fully-functional mail delivery application.  They come in 8-door, 12-door, 13-door, and 16-door units.  With standard cluster box units, you are assured of a secured and practical USPS-authorized mail delivery system.

Regency Decorative CBUs

If the architecture of your home requires a more stylized appeal, a regency cluster box unit could be your perfect choice.  Regency Decorative CBUs come in a complete easy-to-order package, which includes a Salsbury 3300 series cluster box unit and its matching pedestal.  A beautiful decorative CBU top and pedestal cover are also included.

If you think it’s difficult to assemble the regency decorative package then you’re mistaken because all the parts therein require minor installation and assembly.

Outdoor Parcel Lockers

For an even improved package delivery facilitation, USPS-approved outdoor parcel lockers do the job.  These parcel lockers are highly-secured ensuring that every package is protected against theft and harsh conditions.

Cluster box units bring peace of mind to every member of the residential or commercial community.

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