Specialty Products for Budget Commercial Mailboxes

by Commercial Mailbox Expert on August 16, 2011

Specialty products for budget commercial mailboxes further enhance the decorative and security features of your commercial or home mailbox.

Letter Boxes and Mail Drops

USPS approved or private access letter boxes come in standard and slim sizes. They can be recessed or surface mounted. These letter boxes are suitable for condominiums, apartments, commercial buildings and offices, among many other similar locations.

Mail drops have a spring-loaded mail flap plus an adjustable mail flap stop. They are perfect for collecting small packages and documents. Mail drops are USPS approved for residential door mail delivery.

Both letter boxes and mail drops are available in aluminum, green, bronze, brass, and sandstone powder-coated finishes.  Custom engraving options are likewise available.

Mail Receptacles

Mail receptacles retrieve mail deposited via the mail drop chute. Each mail receptacle door is made of heavy duty aluminum and can be accessed from the front. Optional custom engraving, plexiglass windows, and thumb latches are available.

Replacement Locks and Postal Specialties

No worries if you ever lose you mailbox keys or if you simply want added security for your mail. A wide selection of replacement locks are available.

Postal specialties include key keepers, key cabinets, key lockers, parcel drops, universal pedestals, label holders, mailbox blanks, and private postal center manuals.

Cell Phone Storage Lockers

For commercial establishments that prohibit the use of cell phones and other forms of gadgets, cell phone storage lockers offer the solution. These lockers are ideal for use in schools, government buildings, gyms and health clubs. Made of heavy duty aluminum, cell phone storage lockers keep mobile phones, wallets, digital cameras, tablet PCs, iPads and many other small valuable items secured. Read more about cell phone storage lockers here.

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