Pedestal Group Mailboxes

by Commercial Mailbox Expert on August 18, 2011

Pedestal group mailboxes are far less expensive than single locking mailboxes. These mailboxes are ideal for residential and office buildings, schools, dormitories and similar multi-tenanted locations. Even though pedestal group mailboxes come cheaper in terms of cost, the advantages they provide are not in any way subpar.

Pedestal group mailboxes secure outgoing mail.

For a convenient and well-protected private mail collection, the private master door of a pedestal group mailbox has an outgoing mail compartment with mail slot, protective hood, and anti-fish comb for added security. All pedestal group mailboxes have a front retrieval system and are front-loading.

15 Doors 1 Parcel Unit

Pedestal group mailboxes have parcel locker compartments and tenant doors.

Tenat doors have heavy-duty and dustproof cam locks and keys for keeping mail and parcels safe. With the various door and parcel locker configurations available, pedestal group mailboxes can service more tenants than traditional cluster mailbox units.

29 Doors

Pedestal group mailboxes are built from heavy-gauge aluminum and available in a variety of weather-resistant finishes.

Among these beautiful powder-coat colors are sandstone, gold speck, postal grey, white, forest green, blonde gold, black, dark bronze, silver speck, antique copper, antique bronze, and black.

Pedestal group mailboxes are not approved by the United States Postal Service (USPS) so remember to check with your local post office prior to purchase and installation.

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