Overhaul on Salsbury Industries’ Mailbox & Address Plaque Line

by Mailbox Guru on July 13, 2011

Now Budget Commercial Mailboxes will carry all Salsbury Industry items.  We now carry all commercial mailboxes from their product line and we have many of them with FREE SHIPPING in addition to already being priced below mailboxes.com.   Each mailbox and address plaque has downloadable collateral…some collateral still links to mailboxes.com however this will be resolved in the future.

All commercial mailboxes have been segmented into USPS Approved and Private Use just as they are organized on mailboxes.com.  We have added many category descriptions and additional content.  Many of the commercial mailboxes have FREE SHIPPING and nearly all items are priced just below mailboxes.com.  Extra competitive items like CBU’s have been repriced to make us the lowest price online and to include Free Shipping.  4C & 4B mailboxes have been updated as well with better pricing, likewise items like 4C pedestal and surface mount enclosures have been added.  Lastly, take special note to our codes, we have adjusted our product code to include “Sal” and the beginning and “BCM” at then end.


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