How to Buy Residential and Commercial Mailboxes

by Mailbox Guru on July 22, 2011

Are you on the lookout for residential mailboxes? How about commercial mailboxes? There are several things you have to take into consideration when buying a residential mailbox or a commercial mailbox.

Residential Mailboxes

For residential mailboxes, first and foremost, you have to determine whether you would require a post mount mailbox for curbside delivery or a wall mount mailbox for walk up service.  A post mount mailbox is also possible for walk up service if its installation is only near your home.  Moreover, post mount mailboxes can be ground mounted and installed into concrete or surface mounted and bolted onto an existing concrete.After determining the location of your mailbox installation, it’s time to choose your preferred mailbox style.  There are a wide variety of styles and designs available in the market today.  From classic Victorian designs to modern, contemporary styles, you’ll never run out of choices!  Our extensive selection of mailboxes will help you pick the perfect residential mailbox that will complement your home.We have a wide range of mailboxes that come in various accents and finishes.  You may choose one in your favorite color but picking a mailbox that matches the finish of your house will better enhance its aesthetic appeal.  For example, a house that makes use of nickel hardware accents will perfectly match with a satin nickel mailbox.  A house that has green shutters, on the other hand, could beautifully match a green finish mailbox.The next consideration would be whether to opt for a locking mailbox or not.  Of course, a mailbox with a locking option is a great deterrent to identity theft.  Many mailboxes offered in the market today feature locking options.  A thumb latch can be utilized to convert a locking mailbox into a non-locking unit.

Commercial Mailboxes

The first thing to to consider is who is responsible for mail distribution to the mailboxes.  Is the post office directly in charge of distributing mail to the boxes or is there a person in your building in charge of this task?  All our commercial mailboxes are postal lock ready but an option for adding a private master lock is available.  Note that there are some commercial mailboxes that are postal lock ready but these units still need postal approval.  Make sure to obtain approval from your post office if it is required by the product or ask first if you are not sure.Secondly, take note whether you want the commercial mailboxes wall-mounted or make use of a pedestal.  Pedestal-style mailboxes are suitable for up to sixteen (16) tenants and can be easily installed outdoors onto concrete.  Wall-mount mailboxes, on the other hand, can service more tenants.  If wall space and depth are an issue in mounting the mailboxes, you may opt for them to be surface-mounted.  4C mailboxes can be placed into vario mail stations and create outdoor mail centers.Last thing to consider is the number of tenant doors you’ll need.  All your other commercial mailbox options are based on this factor.  Also determine the amount of space you’ll have to accommodate the number of tenant doors.Numbering options and address tags are available in our commercial mailboxes.  They can be engraved into the mailbox doors.  Various compartment configurations and door sizes are likewise available.  All these personalization options allow you to imprint a distinct touch to your commercial mailboxes.

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