What’s New? Cell Phone Storage Lockers

by Commercial Mailbox Expert on July 26, 2011

There is an emerging new product in the market today – Cell Phone Storage Lockers.  Also called cell phone storage racks, mobile phone storage units or cell phone storage boxes or cabinets.

You may, at first thought, conclude that a cell phone storage locker isn’t that useful, however, if you think again, cell phones rule our world today more than ever.  Adults and teens, even younger children, have depended on mobile phones since the last decade.  Who shouldn’t?  Smart phones have them all – cameras, watches, alarms, timers, planners, diaries, wallets, photo albums, calendars, games, MP3 players, newspapers, books, magazine, stock ledgers, web browsers, computers, journals and some could even control your car as if they were your keys.

Indeed, we need cell phone storage lockers!

Many people can say their lives depend on their mobile phones.  From their to-do lists to bank account information, all these pertinent data must always be safeguarded at all times.

Cell phone storage lockers keep mobile phones safe and protected from unwanted hands in areas where cell phones are not allowed.  These lockers are similar to small locking mailboxes especially for cell phones.

Cell phone storage units consist of multiple cell phone storage lockers that are necessary in businesses and agencies, such as military and government facilities, academic institutions, courtrooms, where cell phones are prohibited.

Nowadays, many companies are also prohibiting their employees from using their mobile phones in the workplace because of their digital camera function, which may cause inconveniences or harm to others.

The need for multiple mobile phone storage units or cell phone storage lockers is rather obvious.

Multiple cell phone storage lockers are easy to install.  These mini-locker units offer the the best and most secured solution for any institution, agency or organization that prohibit the use of mobile devices without sacrificing the convenience of their customers, employees, students or clients.

Utilizing a cell phone storage locker is very simple and easy.  All a customer needs to do is to place their mobile phone inside the locker vault, close its door, and remove the key.  Upon their return, they just insert the key and retrieve the phone.

To find the best cell phone storage lockers for your requirements, these three guidelines will help:

1.  Find out the maximum number of mobile devices to be stored at your peak hours.  Cell phone storage lockers are configurable from six to sixty doors.  If sixty isn’t enough, additional lockers can be mounted side-by-side, like cluster mailboxes, to create an area or wall of storage lockers.

2.  Find out if only small items the size of mobile phones are to be allowed storage in the lockers.  If you required more storage space for every user, then you may consider cell phone storage lockers that have “C” doors.  These “C” lockers extends the width of each storage space from four inches to eight inches.  Adding a 7.5-inch depth option is also possible.  This option is able to extend the depth of each locker from four inches to almost eight inches as well.  This depth extension provide client more space to store other important items such as purses and wallets along with their mobile phones.

3.  Find out if there will someone manning the key check-ins and check-outs of customers utilizing the cell phone storage lockers.  If there is none, you may to consider opting for the keyless, resettable and user-defined combination lock feature instead.  This eliminates the need for keys.  For organizations such as healthy clubs and gyms where clients may provide their own locks, consider ordering cell phone storage lockers with the hasp feature that provides a loop for any user-provided padlock.

Visually appealing cell phone storage lockers are widely available and a variety of colors and mounting options are offered.  Whether you want your locker surface-mounted or recessed, or buy one with a pedestal, the above-mentioned guidelines will aid you in making sure that the cell phone storage locker you’ll purchase perfectly fits your requirements.


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