Comparing Horizontal Mailboxes for Commercial and Tenant Applications

by Commercial Mailbox Expert on July 27, 2011

Searching for the perfect horizontal mailbox for business or tenant applications entails quite a few considerations.  To be able to find one that best suits your requirements, you will need to at least have some understanding of the significant differences of the various commercial and tenant horizontal mailboxes offered in the market today.

Standard 4C Horizontal Mailboxes

For newly constructed tenant locations such as apartments, multi-tenant buildings, and office mailrooms, standard 4C or STD-4C horizontal mailboxes are commonly used.  These STD-4C horizontal mailboxes are built from heavy-duty aluminium and 300-series stainless steel.  They come in a variety of classic and modern finishes and colors such as black, antique bronze, dark bronze, blonde gold, antique copper, gold speck, forest green, silver speck, sandstone, white and the most popular postal grey.

Recessed horizontal mailboxes are meant to be recessed into a wall.  STD-4C horizontal mailboxes can also be surface-mounted with the use of a special collar or you can opt for a Vario depot installation.

Of course, tenant mailbox doors needs identification.  There are various identification accessories available, such as custom silver placards that can be modified according to the owner’s preferred numbering system, standard silver placards that can be numbered from 1 up to the total number of configured mailboxes.  The numbers/characters can be engraved up to six (6) characters, or with black or white fill of up to eighteen (18) characters.

All standard horizontal mailboxes for new or remodeled installations are USPS-approved.

Standard 4B+ Horizontal Mailboxes

For replacement of an existing tenant mailbox application with no modification or remodelling of the mail center wall opening, a standard 4B+ horizontal mailbox (STD-4B+) is the solution.

Sometime referred to as 2600 horizontal mailboxes, as originally termed by Florence Mailboxes, the STD-4B+ horizontal mailbox is wall-mounted and needs USPS approval prior to making modifications or construction of any mail delivery center.  STD-4B+ horizontal mailboxes are designed for replacement only.  Any configuration changes or wall adjustments would required the installation of standard 4C horizontal mailboxes (STD-4C) instead.

Property managers are often faced with the dilemma of whether to install an STD-4C horizontal mailbox or replace the existing application with an STD-4B+ horizontal mailbox instead.

Experts agree that the best way to determine which mailbox to purchase is to seek advice from the local postmaster to ensure that your decision complies with the rules and regulations of postal authorities.  The latter’s approval is always the basis for your final selection.

The convenience, safety and security of tenants and mail carriers should always be top priority.

2600 horizontal mailboxes come standard in anodized aluminum finish as well as in various powder-coat finishes.  These wall-mount horizontal mailboxes have standard clear plastic number slots  or may be customized with engraved door identification numbers.

Additional options are available including name slots, black fill engraving, mail slots, combination locks (instead of key locks) as well as hinged rear covers.

All these horizontal mailboxes feature standard 15-inch deep compartments and even if the configurations are in place with regard to dimensions and numbers, they are still modifiable according to your unique requirements.

Private Distribution Horizontal Mailboxes

For private mail delivery, private distribution horizontal mailboxes are available.  These mailboxes are also referred to as 1500 horizontal mailboxes, 1600 horizontal mailboxes or 1700 horizontal mailboxes.

1500 horizontal mailboxes are the only USPS-approved mailboxes for private mail delivery.  The rest of these private distribution horizontal mailboxes are suitable for applications not serviced by the USPS, but rather by a private mail carrier or mail delivery person such as in a university, college, an office mail room, or inter-office business center.

The mailboxes are built from heavy-gauge aluminum and available in various powder-coat finishes and standard anodized aluminum finish as well.

Front loading private distribution mailboxes feature a single control door with a master lock.  This makes mail delivery quick and easy.  Read loading private distribution mailboxes, on the other hand, don’t need the control door since mail delivery is done at the rear, either via an open back or optional hinged rear cover or lift off.

Options to customize private distribution wall mount mailboxes are also widely available.  Number of resident boxes, parcel lockers as well as outgoing mail compartments can be customized to fit the needs of end users.  Also offered are engraved window tabs, black fill engraving, mailbox door slots, and combination locks.


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