Group Mailboxes

by Commercial Mailbox Expert on August 17, 2011

Group mailboxes, also called cluster mailboxes, adhere to regulations imposed by the United States Postal Service (USPS). Cluster mailboxes are ideal for business buildings, residential communities, rural areas and apartment buildings. These group mailboxes are either mounted on a pedestal along the road or on a wall inside a building.

The USPS carrier unlocks the entire box to place mail in each and every compartment. Parcel compartments are available to accommodate large mail pieces. The owner then uses his/her own compartment key to retrieve his/her mail and parcels.

Group mailboxes securely hold your incoming and outgoing mail. In terms of cost, these cluster boxes are cheaper than individual mailboxes.

Prior to installation, make sure to check with your local post office if the purchase and installation of the group mailbox will come from their end. If not then the building owners or the tenants shall be responsible in purchasing, installing and maintaining the group mailbox.

Curbside and Wall Mount Group Mailboxes

Curbside cluster mailboxes are to be installed on the right side of the road only, between forty-one and forty-five inches from the ground, and set back six to eight inches from the road or front of the curb. Mail carriers should not leave their vehicle in order to deliver mail to these mailboxes therefore, the area around them must be free from debris, snow, weeds and any obstruction at all times.

Wall mount group mailboxes that are USPS approved are allowed to be installed inside buildings. Regulations concerning installation are different from that of curbside mailboxes because mail carriers deliver mail to wall mount mailboxes on foot. Contact your local post office for details of the equipment or installation specifics.

Numbering of Group Mailboxes

Each unit in the group mailbox needs to have a box or unit number displayed on each door. The numbers should be easily readable and measure at least one inch in height .

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