Post Mounted Mailboxes

by Commercial Mailbox Expert on August 19, 2011

Post mounted mailboxes are approved by the United States Postal Service (USPS) for curbside delivery. Whether you live in a townhouse, or a small cottage in a rural community, there is a post mounted mailbox that will suit your mail delivery and collection needs.

Post mounted mailboxes come in locking and non-locking units.

If security is a concern in your area then don’t hesitate to consider buying a locking post mounted mailbox. Identity theft is so prevalent nowadays that we need to protect our mail and documents more than ever.

Post mounted mailboxes are secured with concrete when installed onto the ground. They can also be bolted to existing concrete.

Post Mounted Mailboxes come in various types – roadside, rural, townhouse and mail house.

Roadside mailboxes feature front and rear access locking doors, outgoing mail trays and locks with similar keys on each door.

Rural mailboxes are available in various models – heavy duty rural mailboxes, antique rural mailboxes, deluxe rural mailboxes, and eagle rural mailboxes.

Townhouse mailboxes come in four contemporary finishes – green, beige, black, and white.

Mail houses are locking boxes made of electro-galvanized steel. Each unit has a locking door and stainless steel mail flap for easy mail retrieval.

Optional newspaper holders are available for post mounted mailboxes. Replacement flags and custom engraved self adhesive placards are also available.

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