Mail Package Drops

by Commercial Mailbox Expert on August 23, 2011

If you demand security and protection for your mail and packages then mail package drops or mail package drop receptacles are your ideal choice. All mail package drops are approved by the United States Postal Service (USPS) for curbside delivery. These mail receptacles are widely used by homeowners and small businesses.

Mail package drops are known for their durability and security features that guarantee the protection of even your most delicate mail and packages.

In terms of space capacity, mail package drops are large and roomy enough to hold several weeks, even months’ worth of mail and packages. No more worrying about your mail and packages every time you and your family are out traveling or on vacation. Rain or shine, your mail and packages remain safe and untouched when you retrieve them.

Identity theft will no longer be a concern when you use a mail package drop receptacle for your home or business.

A non-locking front access panel can receive mail and packages even without a key. The mail courier can simply drop letters and packages into the mail package drop – no hidden and confusing trays, compartments, or levers. Only the key holder can then access the mail and packages.

Mail package drops have front and rear access for easy retrieval. Adjustable red signal flags are also included for efficient mail collection and delivery.

Mail package drop receptacles are made entirely of aluminum and finished in durable black, green, white, or silver powder coat. In-ground or bolt mounting options are available with the use of an aluminum pedestal or any customer-specified base.

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