Courier Boxes

by Commercial Mailbox Expert on August 25, 2011

Courier boxes are ideal for multi-building applications. Tenants will find courier boxes a more convenient means of transporting paperwork and non-perishable items as they can leave these office or home essentials in the courier box units until the recipient is ready to retrieve them.

Courier boxes offer utmost security.

Each courier box has a 3-point locking mechanism with 2 keys to protect its contents from the elements. This locking system ensures that only authorized users have access to the unit. Identity theft through mail and packages will be the least of every tenant’s worries when they start using courier boxes.

Practical uses of courier boxes

Due to the very practical yet highly secure feature of courier boxes, even the US armed forces use them in their bases. Corporations have also realized their usefulness that’s why even the largest of them utilize courier boxes in their business complexes. Courier box units are so versatile they can be setup even along routes and pathways in-between buildings. Academic institutions such as schools and colleges, even dormitories, also use courier boxes for a variety of purposes.

Made of 14-gauge steel, courier boxes are robustly built to withstand the harshest conditions and elements. Durable powder coated finishes are available. Options include custom colors, and custom engraved self-adhesive placards.

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