Key Keepers

by Commercial Mailbox Expert on August 30, 2011

Multi-unit buildings, apartment residences, and office buildings utilize locking commercial mailboxes that need to be accessed by USPS personnel or a private mail courier on a regular basis. Security is a main concern in this type of setup and key keepers are a big help to alleviate the problems arising from this concern.

Key keepers allow a building’s front door to be locked.

The key to this door is kept safely in the key keeper. The USPS personal or any other individual needing access to the mailboxes need not carry with them heavy key rings because these are stored securely in the key keeper, and they can retrieve them anytime for mail delivery and collection in the building.

Key keepers are made of durable 20-gauge steel and can be recessed mounted or surface mounted. They have a high-quality powder coated finish and withstand the elements.

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