Newspaper Holders

by Commercial Mailbox Expert on August 31, 2011

If you already have or still planning to purchase a Salsbury Roadside Mailbox, Salsbury Designer Roadside Mailbox, Salsbury  Rural Mailbox, Salsbury Deluxe Mailbox, Salsbury  Antique Rural Mailbox, or a Salsbury Eagle Mailbox, you may want to consider the option to also purchase a matching newspaper holder.

Newspaper holders are a special functional accessory for the abovementioned mailboxes. Each newspaper holder features a solid back and a durable powder-coated finish offered in beautiful contemporary colors.

Keep newspapers, magazines and similar reading materials safe from the elements with a newspaper holder.

Newspaper holders are easy to install and include mounting hardware to simply attach to the bottom of the mailbox and the top of spreaders and pedestals.

Newspaper holders are built from heavy-duty aluminum and withstand the elements providing the owner lasting years of service.

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