Private Use Mailboxes

by Commercial Mailbox Expert on September 16, 2011

Another efficient way to manage your mail and parcels is with the utilization of private use mailboxes. These mailboxes are to be used in non-USPS applications. Private use mailboxes are usually less expensive than most mailboxes approved by the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Owners of private use mailboxes can attest that mail and packages are well-protected and their privacy is safe from bad elements.

Private use mailboxes come in a wide range of options. Decorative finishes that include blonde gold, dark bronze, antique copper, silver speck, and anodized aluminum are available. Identification and door ID layouts are likewise offered. Some private use mailboxes have private master locks.

Private use mailboxes feature clear plastic slots for numbers that offer ease of identification. These mailboxes also include mail collection boxes and integrated parcel lockers. Choose from five, six, or seven compartment/door high and three, four, or five compartment/door wide units.

Private use mailboxes are ideal for use in dorms, offices, multifamily buildings, apartments, commercial locations, and many other applications.

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