2B Global Mailboxes

by Commercial Mailbox Expert on September 19, 2011

2B Global Mailboxes is an industry leader in providing products that cater to mail delivery and collection. An ISO 9001 certified company, 2B Global Mailboxes also designs, develops and manufactures fire-rated doors, chute intake doors, blast-resistant doors, stainless steel water tanks, security gates, and many other superior home and commercial products.

2B Global Mailboxes take pride in the design and construction of their 4C mailboxes.

Each 4C mailbox feature hidden bolts for utmost security and decorative appeal. The doors are built with safety and longevity in mind. The outgoing mail slots fit flush that make them safer and aesthetically pleasing as well. The tenant doors are available in double-height and single styles.

4C mailboxes by 2B Global are approved by the United States Postal Service (USPS), and come in either double-column or single design. Choose from two doors to twenty doors, depending on your requirement.

Centralized delivery systems and concise kiosk packages are also available.

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